Picture Of Everett Horsley, BS, Psy, Certified Hypnotherapist (AAPH), Director, ABOVE and BEYOND stress, LLCEverett Horsley earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with Honors from Charter Oak State College, An Associate of Science Degree in Psychology from Excelsior College also with Honors and was awarded membership in Alpha Sigma Lamda National Honor Society.

Everett is extensively trained in Clinical and Forensic Hypnosis, as well as Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Neuro-Linguistics. He’s been practicing Cognitive Behavior Techniques since 1974.

Originally located on the Kings Highway in Cherry Hill, NJ for 14 years when his practice was known as Associated Stress Clinic. Then practicing from his historical home in Audubon, NJ dating from 1740, for another 14 years. Now on the White Horse Pike in Haddon Heights, NJ since 2002.

He is specialized in Anxiety, Stress and Stress related symptoms, feelings, and behaviors.
Covering a wide array of conditions including those of a psychogenic nature.

Everett is uniquely qualified for the practice of Hypnotherapy. As a child his Father had an interest in the clinical uses of hypnosis and had many authoritative books on the subject. A young Everett found these books exciting and intellectually stimulating and they are still a part of his extensive library. In more recent years he draws on research from peer reviewed scholarly journals.

During the 35 years he’s been in practice he has developed a powerful Library of Proven Techniques™ that speed you toward your goal faster than you may have imagined.

He has facilitated groups at places as diverse as the Substance Abuse Hospital, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Then Director, Gloria Grant, and Parent Action Network, the child abuse prevention effort of Philadelphia, PA., with Assistant Director, Susan Sandler.

He teaches and trains individuals and small groups at his offices in Haddon Heights, NJ.
Groups may also be arranged at your location.

His hobbies are classical music, sailing and traveling.

Everett wrote and maintains this website. Please notify if something does not appear to function correctly on your web browser. Thank you.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for change including developing Achievement Skills and A Positive Lifestyle.

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Library Of

Quit Smoking
And Forget About It

Weight Loss
You Can Live With

Anxiety or Panic

Fears or Phobias

Self Confidence

Habit Breaking
Habit Making

Deep, Restful Sleep


or Memory Block

Scholastic Skills or
Reduce Test Anxiety

Sports Performance

Obsessive Thinking
Compulsive Behavior

Job Interview Poise
and Confidence

Public Speaking

Sexual and Intimacy

Of Common







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401 B White Horse Pike, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035
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