Anxiety or Panic Attack

The Fight or Flight Response

Fight or Flight is a life saving response that cranks up your brain and body to save your life in the event of a physical threat.

You’re walking through the woods and a lion jumps out.

Your system cranks up to Fight or Flee for your life - giving it all you’ve got ...

But what if there is no lion? What if there is no physical threat at all? Then you have an inappropriate triggering of Fight or Flight. For some reason that is not necessarily important, you have developed a sensitive trigger.

There is no lion, no physical threat, but there are ...

The very real symptoms of Anxiety or Panic.

As Characterized by one or more of the following;

• Racing, pounding or feels like skipping (See Your Physician First for this one.) heartbeat.

• Nervous, shaky, jittery feeling. Inability to relax.

• Difficulty getting a completely full breath.

• Inability to concentrate. Feeling light headed or dizzy.

• Or just feeling weird, like you don’t belong.

• Sweating or hot or cold flashes.

• A feeling of dread, like something terrible is about to happen.

• Excessive worry. Fear of losing control or going crazy.

• Inability to stop thinking about these feelings.

• Worrying about when or where they may occur.
The response can be very intense, depending on how strongly Fight or Flight was triggered.

The Solution

Because Fight or Flight is a life saving mechanism, it cannot be suppressed. That is, you can’t eliminate it by being strong. Regardless of how intelligent or emotionally stable or physically strong you are, it can’t be done. But there is help, in fact there is a very effective solution.

Simply put. You need to relax. It’s probably advice you’ve been given before but it’s easier said than done. Hypnotherapy is ideal for "easier said than done." It will not only relax you but we can use hypnosis to develop your RELAXATION RESPONSE. So you can instantly relax yourself, regardless of what you may be doing at the time.

And here’s the key;
You can’t be anxious and relaxed at the same time.

So when you can instantly relax, you terminate the anxiety.

Anxiety is a fear response. (Worry is a form of low grade fear.) So when you worry that you might have an attack in a certain situation - it causes it to happen in that situation. But when you know you can spontaneously relax yourself, you don’t worry about it anymore. After all, if you get anxious, you just relax it away, so the inappropriate triggering becomes extinct.

Other tools to desensitize specific triggers may be incorporated.

Important note:
With issues of health it is always wise to learn as much as possible about any condition you may have. This however is not true of anxiety. Reading about anxiety, causes more anxiety. Even thinking about anxiety causes anxiety. So if you are experiencing anxiety for the first time, don’t call a friend who you happen to know suffers from extreme anxiety. You may think it’s a good idea to get the "scoop" on it, but you’ll more than likely get a whole shovel full of negative, counter productive, fearful information that doesn't apply to you but will still make you worse. It’s not that they don’t want to help you. But if they still suffer from it then they don’t have the answer for you either. Instead make it your quest to learn as much as possible about Deep Relaxation. I’m not talking about the sitting around doing nothing type of relaxing, I’m talking about getting Deep Relaxation Training.

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