Fears And Phobias

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What Are Phobias?

Phobias are unrealistic fears - that interfere with your life.

Unrealistic because a person would not normally react anywhere near as fearfully.

It may have started with a very scary event or a series of smaller scary events, or intense emotional upset during an event that wasn’t even scary at all.

If you work on the 3rd floor and you take the stairs each day;
If you do it for the exercise that’s good. If you do it because you are uncomfortable riding an elevator, that may be a phobia.

If you are offered a promotion and you are reluctant to accept because it would require you to work on the 14th floor, now that unrealistic fear is very much interfering with your life. This then is classified as a phobia.

Many people don’t seek treatment because they know that if they get treatment they will end up doing what they fear and they find this idea fear provoking. But treatment is not forcing you kicking and screaming into the situation. That only reinforces the fear.

The solution is training you to be comfortably relaxed when you think about the situation, so that you can remain comfortably relaxed in the situation. When you are able to approach the thing or situation and be genuinely relaxed, it no longer has a hold on you. It’s about your ability to impose relaxation on your mind and body system. And that takes training.

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