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The Wellness LifeStyle

What Does It Take To Permanently Lose Weight?

Sensible, informed choices about food and drink and the level and type of activities you pursue, and how well you manage stress, go directly to your health and your ability to lose weight. It is your LifeStyle.

And Hypnotherapy is proven to increase the rate at which you lose weight and to keep it coming off.1

You must Stick To It To Lose Weight Continually

This is the most important part of any program. To lose weight temporarily is not enough. You want to keep it coming off. And that means sticking to it. Hypnosis is great for sticking to it. This is a program you'll enjoy living with.

Why Will Reducing Stress Help Me Lose Weight?

Stress management is part of our Lose Weight and Wellness LifeStyle Program. Because If you’re stressed-out or anxious or just not in your comfort zone, you will be looking for immediate comfort and gratification. You are much more likely to have a negative attitude about most things and consequently negative feelings. Also, cortisol, a stress hormone won't let you lose weight because it encourages fat storage. And did you know stress suppresses your immune response making you more susceptible to illness and serious disease? Feeling relaxed, confident and joyful is not only empowering but healthier. You can Lose Weight and hypnotherapy can really help you do it.2

Self Image And Your Ability To Lose Weight

Your present self image and belief system maintains you as you are. It controls your decisions and your feelings, making you stable. This is just as it should be. However if you want to make permanent changes, you have to start here. If not, you will have to fight against your present self image and belief system until you finally wear out and give up and snap back to your present self. Hypnotherapy will restructure these into a strong, positive self image and belief system that will cause you to lose weight and energize you to being your Best and Most Ideal Self.

How Important is Food Selection To Lose Weight?

This is very important. How about the sensible concept, "Everything in Moderation"? Sounds good but it’s not science. Here’s why. Look at a supermarket. There are fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and meats and seafoods. These are about 10% of the store. The rest of the store, 90%, is invented foods that were invented, not as excellent nutrition for humans, not to help you lose weight but as excellent money makers for the manufacturer. Everything in moderation gives you lots of junk. What you need is good wholesome food ... and of course treats in moderation.

Correct Portions Are Very Important To Lose Weight

We live in a Super Size, Big Gulp society. But remember it’s your body and their wallets that get Super Sized.

Sensible Snacking Is Part Of Your Lose Weight Plan

Some diabetics may need to have their food spread out. The rest of us should have regular meals. Constant nibbling trains you to eat all day and never feel satisfied. But you can target snacks to fill out your dietary needs. And snacks can be one of life's pleasures, but like most things - In order to lose weight it needs to be done with a plan.

Skipping Meals Will Not Help You Lose Weight

Saves calories right? Wrong. Skipping meals slows your metabolism to such an extent that you’re more likely to gain weight from skipping meals. Eat, but eat right.

Get Moving And Lose Weight And Trim And Tighten

Use it and lose it. Exercise actually gives you energy and is absolutely necessary for health and well being. You’ll be guided, at your own pace, into a routine that’s right for you. You really can find pleasure in it. It will lift your spirits as well as your behind.

What Power On Earth Is Going To Help You Achieve This?

Hypnotherapy - Because It Works !

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1 Kirsch, I., Montgomery, G. & Sapirstein, G. (1995, Apr). Hypnosis as an adjunct to cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy: A meta-analysis. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. 63 (2): 214-220

2 Klotter, J. (2006, Feb-Mar). Weight loss and hypnosis. Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine 271-272: p. 38
Always consult your physician before beginning any lose weight, diet or exercise program.

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