Obsessive Thinking

Compulsive Behavior

Obsessive Thoughts

The Recurring Thoughts that occupy more time and get more attention than such thoughts are entitled to. A single thought has potential but no real power. That same thought repeated hundreds or thousands of times can gain real strength.

Compulsive Behavior

Compulsive Behavior is when these Obsessive Thoughts generate unpleasant feelings that immobilize a person from doing what they should do, or push a person to do the undesirable or unacceptable.

What and Why

What we think about generates the feelings that match the thoughts. As these feelings arise, the feelings themselves steer your next thoughts in the same direction. Into more similar thoughts.
• The thoughts generate the feelings - then the feelings steer the thoughts.•
This cycle becomes vicious when we find it difficult to change to other topics. If the thoughts are negative and depressing, we may spiral down into depression. If the thoughts are worrisome and anxious, we may feel anxious and stressed-out. If the thoughts are fearful we may experience panic.

If we have scary fearful thoughts of being trapped or of being in a terrible accident every time we confront an elevator, the feelings that match these thoughts will start to rise automatically as we approach elevators. If we permit these run away thoughts to go unchecked, we may develop an elevator phobia.

We have a need to feel a certain level of stimulation in order to feel complete. This need for an "Optimum Level of Arousal" drives us to think stimulating thoughts. If the thoughts are positive, uplifting and support our well being we say we "Psyched Ourselves Up." If the thoughts are undermining and debilitating, we call them Obsessive.


Hypnotherapy enables us to use the process of Thought Stopping and Thought Replacement to give obsessive or undesirable thoughts less and less time until they are extinguished. Positive supportive thoughts are inserted to take there place to ensure a strength where a weakness once existed.

Learn to Stop Psyching Yourself Down!

Thoughts that once created a downward spiral, are now replaced with those that uplift, encourage and energize.

Hypnotherapy - Because It Works !

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