Public Speaking

And The Fear of Death

Public Speaking is often ranked higher than the fear of death. Hypnotherapy will help you to overcome this.

Feel Relaxed and Confident

This is the obvious and necessary part. This program of Hypnotherapy uses Deep Relaxation Training that develops within you, the ability to become Instantly Relaxed and Confident regardless of what you may be doing at the time. The 1st step in feeling confident is always the ability to feel relaxed in the given situation.

Preparation and Rehearsal

You will also learn the importance of preparation and rehearsal. Many people put off preparing for a speech because ... Thinking about it makes them feel nervous.

• Not knowing what you want to say
• Not rehearsing
• Not a good way to feel more comfortable.

Know What You Want To Say.

There is no substitute for being prepared. If you want to learn to be a great speaker - there is no shortage of books in stores and libraries on this topic. These books can give you the dos and don’ts of what works with various audiences.

What books cannot do however, is:

TRAIN you to be Relaxed and Confident.

Hypnotic Rehearsal

If you could truly say: “I’ve given such talks a hundred times,” you would certainly be much more comfortable, much more at ease. Practice makes perfect. Rehearsing a situation while in deep relaxation forges new neural pathways that are almost as effective as having actually done it for real.

Hypnotic Rehearsal is used in Sports Performance, Phobias, Braking Bad Habits and Making New Good Habits, Obsessive Thinking / Compulsive Behavior, Hypnotic Pain Relief, to name a few.

When all these factors are combined, you move along at your own comfortable pace to delivering a successful presentation; Comfortably.

Hypnotherapy - Because It Works !

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