Sports Performance

No Sport is Only Physical.

A Stellar Performance can only be achieved with ...

• Laser-Like Concentration
• Unvarying Self Confidence
• Practice, Practice, Practice
Practice is necessary for obvious physical reasons, but also to condition the brain and nervous system. This conditioning can also be achieved with Mental Rehearsal. And that will take you to the next level. And it can be done on or between physical workout days. Even on rainy days and without working up a sweat.

Laser-Like Concentration

Even slight distractions can be devastating. Concentration can be narrowed down to exclude those things that are distractions while pinpointing those things that are particular to your sport.

Unvarying Self Confidence

Simply put, unvarying self confidence is blatant self assuredness coupled with the total absence of self doubt.

Practice and Hypnotic Rehearsal

Practice will forge the neural pathways in the brain that allow instantaneous automatic responses. More practice makes these pathways function more quickly and more accurately.

Hypnotic Mental Rehearsal does the same thing without the physical wear and tear while increasing concentration, relaxation and confidence. Not in place of physical rehearsal - In Addition to it.


Being relaxed does not mean being tired, lazy or just laying around. It refers to a lack of unnecessary tension and more especially a lack of the cascade of stress hormones that pull you away from your "sport."

When you’re relaxed and confident you have faster response time and greater endurance. If we watch the big cats stalking their prey we may see the cat take an attack stance and sometimes hold this stance for some long period of time. The cats muscles are not bunched in tension, they are at ease and at the ready. To maintain unnecessary tension would be tiring and make the reaction time sluggish.

• No sport is Entirely physical.

• Mental practice is an important part of all physical disciplines.

• Remember … No Brain - No Gain!

• Hypnotherapy boosts your motivation and enthusiasm.

• Get psyched-up.

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Hypnotherapy - Because It Works !

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