Quit Smoking & Forget About It!

It's Easier Than You Think And You'll Reduce Your Stress As Well.

All Tobacco Cessation Programs Include Stress Management

Because tobacco use tends to increase as stress increases, this program Trains you in Deep Relaxation to enable you to instantly ventilate stress and Be More Relaxed. It also masks any physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine while also addressing the often overlooked psychological addiction.

This is a comprehensive program to help you Kick the Habit for good. Guaranteed*

Both Smoking and Chewing Tobacco are proven disastrous to your health. Years ago people could say that the serious health effects of tobacco were not proven … Well, they sure are now.

Session one-Preparation:

You are prepared before quitting. Hypnotherapy is used to develop your RELAXATION RESPONSE, the ability to become instantly relaxed, regardless of what you may be doing at the time. You will have a better, much more effective way of relieving stress before giving up smoking (or chewing) tobacco. As you may imagine you’ll be able to make good use of this response after the issue of smoking is long gone.

Most smokers are aware that certain things or certain situations, or even certain thoughts push your “Gotta Have One” button. Things like;

• Waking In The Morning •
• Morning Coffee Or Tea •
• Talking On The Phone •
• After Eating A Meal •
• Driving In The Car •
• Starting A Project •
• Taking A Break •
• Completing A Project •
• Cocktails, Beer Or Wine •
• To Celebrate A Success •
• To Cope With A Failure •
• Emotional Upset •
• A Stressful Event •
• Just Plain Boredom •
• It's My Best Friend •
• Just To Relax •
• Before Going To Bed •

You are prepared before quitting. Hypnotherapy desensitizes or “pulls the plug” on the connections to your “Gotta Have One” button.

Session two-Stopping:

The focus of the stopping session is obvious.

• Now that you’re able to relieve stress and feel more relaxed at any given time. •

• Now that the physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine and the psychological addiction have been masked.•

• Now that the things that push you’re "Gotta have one" button have been desensitized.•

NOW the stopping session will help you cut smoking out of your life while you feel more comfortable than you may have imagined. •

Session three-Reinforcement:

Your next visit is 2 or 3 days later. You won’t be left dangling out there on your own. You will be reinforced in your stopping. Hypnosis is cumulative. Each session gets stronger as you relax more deeply. It’s about giving you support before, during and after.

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*Ask about our full year guarantee.

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